Week of September 16th

+++Reading Folders will come home starting Monday!! Please have your kiddo read each night and sign… There is also a fluency practice attached to the reading log with instructions on it… this will help us become fluent readers! (While we are getting adjusted to reading groups books might seem either too easy or too hard…)


Spelling words: on, are, as, with

Spelling pattern: -en,  -ed, -in, -it, -og, -ot

Writing;  Using correct spacing while writing.

Math: Subtraction

Science/Social Studies: Learning about Francis Scott Key, Eleanor Roosevelt,  and Benjamin Franklin .

Important Dates:  

  • Picture day Sept. 19th
  • Early release Sept. 25th
  • Monster Truck Show  October 5th

Week of September 9th


  • Please make sure you are signing planners each night.
  • Fall pictures will be September 19th (more information to follow)
  • We are now really getting into our routines, which means that during our day I expect Champ behavior from each kiddo!  I know they can do it since they have shown me they can!  With that being said, I will be signing planners more now if behavior is not “CHAMP” behavior especially during rug time and center time.
  • As you have notice, the spelling test is a little different than a formal spelling test.  We formally test the 4 spelling words each week along with the ability to use those words in a sentence.  We also apply the phonics pattern that we use during class.  On the blog, I will tell you what the phonics skill each week is.  If you would like to practice that skill at home you can.  (for example : if we are working on -an, -it, or -ug spelling patterns; you and your kiddo can generate words that have that spelling pattern ; ex: fit, bit,  tug, )

This Week: 

  • Spelling Words:  it, he, for, was
  • Spelling Pattern: CVC words using the patterns: -an, -am, -ed, -en, -in, -it, -og, -ot
  • Math: Subtraction within 10.
  • Reading: How characters feel and change during a story as well as making connections to characters in the stories we read.  Stories of the week: The magic Rabbit, Chester’s Way, Zoom in and Out, Poem: Frog on a Log
  • Writing: Using Correct sentence structure: Finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation
  • Science: Living/Nonliving

Week of Sept. 3rd

Red folders with graded papers: Go home on Tuesday and are due back on Friday.  (please sign the form inside the folder and you get to keep the graded papers!)

I am working on finishing our reading testing so that appropriate books will start going home each night. Thank you so much for being patient as I figure out where everyone is and how I can better help each child. (reading folders and daily books will be sent home starting next week)

This week we will be learning:

Math: How to solve word problems using different strategies including

number bonds number lines tens frames


Reading: Identifying authors/illustrators, making connections, and how readers think about the story as they are reading it (questioning) . We will also focus on vowels. We will be reading the books, The Day the Goose Got Loose, One of Each, and The Giant Jam Sandwich, that have to do with friendship themes. We are practicing  rhyming words as well.

Spelling Words: in, is, you, that  (We will also be assessing students on changing the first sound of a word to create a new word: ex: boo to zoo and assessing students on how many syllables a word has for ex: table has 2 syllables

Science: We are going to have lots of hands on fun learning about our senses!  On Tuesday, we went on a listening walk.  On Wednesday, we will do a scratch and sniff  will end it Friday by making and eating applesauce!