New Year!

Hi everyone!!!  Hope you all had a great two weeks of food, fun, family and friends!!!!  I can’t wait to get some hugs in the morning and hear all about the many adventures y’all had.  First of all, I want to thank everyone that had anything to do with our Christmas party, from sending goodies to just being there!  It was awesome and the kids had a blast.   It’s always nice to get to walk around and just enjoy these Firsties.  I would also like to personally thank everyone for spoiling me with such awesome gifts this year!  I feel very special.

Spelling:  The words for the next two weeks will be:  will, each, about, how, up, out, them, then, she, many, This week I will be focusing on the first 5… And on Friday we are going to try something new and take a spelling test on only those 5.  Then the next Friday take a test on the last 5.  Then we will take a week to review all 10 words.  (I am hoping this will help us really understand these words a little more since they are getting harder!)

Phonics:  We will continue working on vowel combinations and dipthongs.  The vowel combinations that follow the rule of 1 vowel does the walking and the other does the talking like; ee, ea, ie, ai.  Dipthongs are the combinations that do not follow that rule like; oi, oy, ow, oo.  We will spend two weeks just focusing on these before moving to nouns.

Math:  We will begin a unit on measurement.  I will introduce vocabulary words like length, bigger than, smaller than, etc…  We will learn how to measure with different tools like cubes, paper clips, measuring worms, etc…  We will learn how to tell how much longer an object is than another.  We will continue with addition and subtraction with modeling and making 10 as well.

Science/Social Studies:  We will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and all about RESPECT for our CHAMPS Assembly.

As always, thank you so much for all you do for our kiddos and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time!!!! EEEEK I can’t believe it is already January!!!!!!!!

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