Week of November 3rd

I will be at a reading conference on Monday and Tuesday.  I will miss the kids very much!


Spelling words: but, what, all, were, when, we, there, can, an, your

Phonics: adding ed to words and the three sounds it makes.

Math: 2D shapes/ addition/ intro to Subtraction


This week be on the look out for a note coming home to explain our upcoming readers theater!! SO FUN! (I should be sending it Wednesday when I get back.

Last week: Wow! We had sooo much fun last week! We learned about vowel patterns by making a witch’s tr”EA”t, a ghost that says b”OO”, and the most fun of all…. fl”OA”ts!  We carved a pumpkin then made it “explode” .  Again, thank you for everyone who donated items to make last week so much fun! I love seeing the kiddos making memories!

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