Week of Sept. 24th

Spelling words: We are continuing with the spelling words: at, they, as, his, with, are, on, was, for

Spelling test will be October 2nd for these words.  Once we have a test over spelling words students are expected to use and spell those words correctly in their writing… I take an authentic spelling grade from their writing (grading ONLY words we have had a spelling test over)

Science: We are continuing with 5 senses.

Writing: We are talking about adding a setting into our stories.

Reading: We are really focusing on making connections as we read.

Phonics: We are working on L blends.  (bl, fl, cl, sl…) Ask your kiddos about our restaurant! They are blend chefs this week!!

Week of Sept. 17th

WOW! I am now done with all reading and math testing and can start reading and math groups!!! This means that now the books that come home in their red folders will be their “working” level… They should not be easy and should not be hard.  They are at a level that requires guidance… This allows you and me to help teach them the skills to read that book! SO make sure that when they read at home each night you are there with them hearing them and helping them.


Spelling Words: We will have 10 new spelling words that we will work on for a full 2 weeks.  After the two weeks we have the spelling test on that following Tuesday.  (I am looking for mastery on these words that is why we do two weeks!)

This round of spelling words are: at, they, as, his, are, on, was, for, be TEST will be October 2nd.


Graded papers: Graded paper will go home on Thursdays ONLY.  Every other day they will still have papers sent home but these are our daily sheet/center work.  Remember that I try to check those but sometimes miss things so please check and go over with your child for understanding!


Math: We are learning how to compare and order numbers.  You can practice this at home by: giving them random cards from a deck of cards and having them put in order EX: 8, 5, 3 They would put in order: 3, 5, 8 .  We are also leaning how to use the symbols: <, >, =   Give them two numbers and ask” which does the alligator  want to eat?”

Week of Sept. 10th

Spelling: We will have our first spelling test tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 11th.  We had a pretest today and I sent it home to show you which ones we still need practice.  After the test, this is considered a review week… So no new words… We will practice the ones they missed.

Graded papers:  We had our first graded paper last week and it will be going home today… We are now starting to grade.  Once a word is a spelling word that word is expected to be spelled correctly anytime they use that word and could cost points on other assignments. (SO make sure to still review past spelling words as the year moves on!)

Writing: We are really focusing on good penmanship, so please make sure to practice at home.

Math: WE are comparing set of numbers.  A good game to play at home is war with a deck of cards: they know how to play! (they might call it battle or war)

Homework: On Tuesdays, I will try to send home a math homework.

Please make sure to check folders every night!! Take papers out and look over them… I try to check them all but I miss some.. So if you see that something is not correct that is a good learning experience at home to go over it.

Also… We are playing the dot game to practice strategy and thinking skills… play at home help them get “tricks” for it.

Week of Sept. 4th-7th

Red Folders: Reminder these are coming home each night except Fridays.  I am still testing reading levels so the book might be too hard or too easy.  Once I start guided reading in a few weeks the book will be on the level I am working on with them in their groups.  We are just practicing having to read a book each night.

Spelling words: you, in, is, it, of, and, the, that, to, a       Spelling test will be on Next Tuesday.  I will give a preview test on Monday and send that paper home to show which words they need to still practice.  Then for the remaining of the week after the spelling test we practice the words we missed.  WE will then get a new set of 10 words the next week and work on those words for 2 weeks.  Our spelling test is a little different than just call out and spell… I read a paragraph with missing words and they insert the word that goes in that spot.  Then They will have to dictate a sentence that I call out that has those words.

Math: We are working on solving word problems.  We are practicing the strategies: draw a picture, use a tens frame, or use a number path.

Reading: We are finishing up our author study on Kevin Henkes…. Ask which story was their favorite!!