Week of August 27th – 31st

Wow!! They are doing fantastic at being in school! We are really practicing rules and procedures.  I do not use a clip chart in my classroom but rather we use blurt cubes.  I will write a note in their planner if they lose 2 or more blurt cubes.  (The first cube they lose do to not following rules is a warning.) Students receive many warning before losing a cube.  So please check planners daily to help reinforce behavior at home.

Reading:Reading logs will be sent home starting tomorrow. I will be testing to get appropriate reading levels for your child so I will be sending books home that might not fit just right. Your child may read the book I send home in addition to any book from home. If the book I send home is too easy, have them read for fluency (phrased and fluent). If the book I send home is too difficult, please read it to/with them. After we can begin Guided Reading groups the books will be on level. Your child is responsible for reading every night. You are to write the name of the book your child reads and your initials on the corresponding date. I will check reading logs every day.

Spelling: New words of this week are in, is, you, that, it     (We usually take spelling test every two weeks but since we are still learning routines we will use these words and last week words for an extra week.  So next week their spelling words will be last weeks words and this weeks word again.  The reason I am spending so much time on these words- which seem to be easy- is to allow them to practice what it is like to have spelling homework. ) (also we I KNOW we are a little more tired when we get home than we will be in a few weeks- at least I know I am! )

Math: we are working on how we can solve word problems- Focusing on drawing a picture to solve of using a tens frame to help us solve.

Science/Social Studies: We are doing an author study over Kevin Henkes!  WE will read a variety of books by him and compare the characters.  We are also learning what the word infer means!



August 20th – 24th

It’s our first full week!

Our objectives this week:

Reading: We are predicting what will come next in our story.

Spelling: We have 5 new spelling words.  Please practice them at home.  Spelling words: a, to, of, and, the

Math: Reviewing  numbers

Science/Social Studies: Classroom procedures and rules


++ Please let your child bring a water bottle to class each day, this eliminates the need to leave the room for a drink of water+++

~Please check planner for notes each day and initial.  You can write me note in there as well.


We have new spelling words starting this week! Practice spelling and reading these words each night.

You can
-write them on paper
-write them with sidewalk chalk outside
-make flashcards and read them
-use shaving cream to write them out in
-Use playdoh to spell the words
Get creative and make it fun!
We had a great Monday!
Kelly Owens

Welcome to 1st grade!

Can you believe it is already time for the first day of school! I am very excited to get this year started and get to know all of my sweet kiddos!

I wanted to give you some information to get the year started.   I will provide snacks for the kiddos for the first few weeks of school, to help them adjusted to being back in a school routine.  After the first few weeks, we will no longer have a snack time.  (Our schedule does not allow enough time for snacks. )  I do encourage you to send a sealed water bottle to school with your kiddo.  It can ONLY be water. (Not flavored water) I do encourage the kids to drink plenty of water throughout the school day!  We have lunch from 10:45-11:15 and my conference time is from 1:15 – 2:00.

Our schedule in first is packed with lots of fun learning ALL day! Please try to make sure to be at school everyday on time and plan to stay all day long.  (We start our learning first thing in the morning and do not stop until the bell rings in the afternoon!)

I am ready to work together to help these kiddos excel! I do use Remind 101, this website and email to keep in contact! I check my email and voicemails in the morning and during my conference at 1:15 – 2 pm so please if you need to contact me please make sure I get it by my conference time.  I do not like to stop our learning to check emails.  I look forward to working with you and these precious kids!